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Manawale'a Creations

Ulu quilt Aloha T-Shirt

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This extraordinary person embodies the true spirit of aloha, embracing the values of love, compassion, and connection. With a deep appreciation for the ulu (breadfruit) motif, they have embarked on a mission to spread the essence of aloha through the art of quilting.

Their request reflects not only their love for Hawaiian culture but also their desire to share the message of "Aloha" with the world. They understand that this powerful word carries within it the power to create harmony, unity, and positivity in every aspect of life. 

Motivated by their passion for spreading aloha, they have taken the initiative to offer beautifully crafted shirts adorned with their ulu quilt design. 
This design is on a unisex shirt and is on the back of the t-shirt as shown.

It's important to note that the logo "Manawale'a" accompanies their ulu quilt design. This meaningful phrase translates to "Giving Heart," symbolizing their dedication to spreading love, kindness, and generosity to all those who come across their creation.

By acquiring one of these extraordinary shirts, not only will you be embracing the spirit of "Aloha," but you will also be supporting the vision of this remarkable individual who strives to infuse the world with love and positivity. So, why wait? Embrace the spirit of aloha and proudly wear this meaningful ulu quilt design!